The SMART Investor

Gary Barford | The SMART InvestorThe SMART Investor gives you the opportunity to not only build your first profitable, market-beating portfolio through exclusive SMART investments, but to also gain the knowledge, information and tools provided by Gary and his SMART strategy to go from market newbie to ‘investment insider’ in 12 months or less.

The Smart Investor is a beginner’s investment service that uncovers the best long term investment opportunities to private investors in South Africa.

Through this service, Gary Barford shares unique insight and investment ideas you simply cannot find anywhere else, let alone the mainstream media - All whilst teaching you everything you need to know behind the opportunities he uncovers.

Gary will teach you how and when to buy & sell the right stocks using his SMART strategy, exactly where to look for these profit opportunities, and ultimately how the stock market works so you never miss another investment opportunity ever again.

Every month Gary will send you an issue packed with the latest profit opportunities, explaining every detail of how you can turn everyday market moves into long term investment potential and ultimately your first profitable portfolio.

Gary makes use of his SMART strategy to make this happen:

Sustainability: Earnings sustainability is the most important indicator of where a stock is headed.
Moat: Inspired by Warren Buffett, the moat ensures a company’s profitable longevity by having access to a unique asset that competitors can’t replicate with ease.
Assets & Allocation: To have a profitable portfolio you need to look at the investment in the context of your overall portfolio.
Ratio: Financial ratios ensure you’ll buy an investment for the right price.
Trend: A sideways and upward trending stock increases your chance of picking a winning stock.

When these 5 points come together and confirm the viability of a SMART investment opportunity, Gary will issue it to you in your monthly issue.

Annual Price: R897
Return Policy / Money-back Guarantee: 90 Days
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Transaction Currency: South African Rand (ZAR)
Country of Domicile: South Africa
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